Raymond F. Williams

Raymond F. Williams

The missing fundamentals of bodybuilding or any other activity

I find it practical to advert my awareness precepts from time to time. The human peculiarity to do things blindly in a programmable manner is vulgar, which in most cases relates to a simple ignorance, often followed by inappropriate training programs, pledging you quickest possible results. An inability to maintain the thought turns your established […]Read More

Estrogen levels. What men need to know

We all know that humans highly depend on hormones and biological activity inside our bodies. It is so crucial that even slight changes can make a significant impact on our bodies. I hope we all know how vital is Testosterone for men. Let’s examine the importance of its twin sister, Estrogen. What is estrogen? Estrogen […]Read More

The 3 bodybuilding mistakes you probably still make

Everyone knows that mistakes or fails are the gold of experience and it gives us opportunities to learn. Unfortunately, not all mistakes are self-defined, and some of them can affect your performance for months or years. I want to describe you my top 3 “hidden” mistakes which I meet north and south and the way […]Read More

Basic and Pro Bodybuilding tips for any target

A person may come to bodybuilding because of many various reasons. And the results he might expect from different exercises and nutrition plans can vary extremely. No matter what your expectations are, we will provide you with all the information which you need to successful start your exciting bodybuilding trip.  How to set and stick […]Read More

Injuries spotlight: Knees

The theme of injuries should be considered all the time as far as we are not the computer game characters, we are real people. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to forget about it and safety principles, jumping into water without checking the bottom. Consequently, we have the downwards line from the health to sore […]Read More

All you need to know about squats depth

The weighted squats – essential and crowned exercise which better to memorize to the bone. However, debates on a proper technique are still hot and, I assume, they will remain unsettled for long. The cornerstone of these is the squat’s depth. Let’s see what we have scientifically and practically. Partial squats  When you perform half […]Read More