Biceps showtime. The secrets to bring your biceps to the next level

 Biceps showtime. The secrets to bring your biceps to the next level

Biceps brachii the full name of what so-called Biceps is a muscle which helps our shoulder and elbow joints. It consists of short and long heads and two tendons by which the muscle attaches to the bones. Quite simple frame, isn’t it? However, don’t get carried away. There’re some pitfalls to keep in mind.

First thing I want to tell you is that most of your favorite exercises for biceps are actually the hanging out in the next apartment’s yard. It means that your exercises work in full swing for another muscle, and our podium hero left with scraps. Let me explain it more clearly.

Biceps or brachialis?

There’s a cognominal muscle called “brachialis” which lays under our short-changed Biceps brachii. The vast majority of the “Biceps” exercises mostly engage brachialis muscle. By increasing the resistance and weight, our biceps get lightly involved, and if we overdo, it may end up with soreness in arms, lacking any appreciable effect.
The cure here is simple. You have to start working out your Biceps, literally just that.
By knowing which exercise is effective for your Biceps, you can start to build your efficient workout.

Preacher curls, for example, is a popular exercise, thus making what we explained some sentences before.
If we look closely at the mechanics, we will see how muscles involved. We can see our brachialis muscle works to the utmost, while Biceps are exposed only half-way there. Moreover, the research by the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro scientifically proved that this exercise is most ineffective for Biceps, in case of the shortest amplitude and the small load it gives to Biceps in the first and the third phase of amplitude.

Think and load your biceps

Proper intensity is the key to growing any of the muscles and here we can expand it with my previous point’s help. If we could examine how the muscles are involved in different positions, and angles, we might have the biceps good enough to skip this post.
When it comes to the matter of intensity what would you choose, EZ or INTENCE solutions? I probably won’t stay long without an answer. Don’t let specifics to fool you. We do not land gym to eat popcorn here.
To get results we have to think.

What do we get here? I can feel much more stress in biceps if I do this exercise with wrists rotated in the other direction.

This series of questions and answers lead to an unearthing the bundles of your best suitable form. You should try and examine all the exercises, make the notes of it. Remember our article about genes? Our muscles shapes differ from one another. That is why you have to search for your ideal angle and make your training proficient. Treat it as art. It is more about the exploration, just within your muscles.

Metabolic pump

You probably know that weight is something that makes our muscles grow. However, to achieve gains, we have a few more options here. Here is the trick. Instead of pumping the muscles with big weights we are going to pump our metabolic rate. It will maximize the efficiency of other exercises and make your biceps grow faster. The secret behind this technique is to take light weights and dwell on them, trying to keep the steady and fast tempo. Burn it like never before. This approach does not require your normal attention to amplitude, in fact, there are some variations when you intentionally decrease an amplitude to stay on a peak tension zone. By doing so you get the most out of your metabolic recall. This complementary exercise will do best in conjunction with regular weighted exercise, and you will be surprised how effective it is.

Too much concentration on biceps

My last point I want to mention is a mistake I face every day. With the passion and fiery eyes, I can see people overdoing it. It is especially true for the biceps workout. The biceps is not that big muscle, and it is not a big deal to overtrain it. You have to give your muscles chance to recover. Otherwise, you will get something reversed to what you believe and see in your nearest future’s exposure. Less is more. Find your moderate pace and enjoy your outcome.

Raymond F. Williams

Raymond F. Williams