Genetics and bodybuilding. How does it impact your muscle growth?

 Genetics and bodybuilding. How does it impact your muscle growth?

It is not rare to meet trainees who beavers away for every ounce of muscles. The opposite is true. I know a lot of people who’s been inflated like balloons without breaking a sweat.

How we can explain this? 

If we exclude the pharma reasons, we stay with related topic –  our genetic. 

We do not need to find much evidence to realize that we are all different and have different abilities. The same reality goes for our bodies and training process. We have a great list of entries which exert our capability. And the sad truth is – this all really matters. 

Michael Phelps the multiple Olympic swimming champion from U.S. has a huge “wingspan”. The distance of his arms extended is 80 inches, it is 4 inches more than the height of his body. 

Furthermore, his feet sized 14 with an ability to bend 15 degrees more compare to other typical swimmers. We didn’t come together to expose his greatness, but to prove the prominence of the genetic ground.

Genetic doesn’t stop on size or bending ability. In fact, we would have another conversation with our genes. 

Critical qualities for us would be

Testosterone level

The prime male hormone, which is our natural and main anabolic steroid. Its level is not what we get from food, though we could get some. The level is predetermined by our father and mother. 

Your metabolism

It can be fast or slow. People with fast metabolism loses their weight much easier, on the other hand it is harder to gain muscles for them. The good news is that metabolism can be adjusted with certain nutrition plan.

Muscle shape

Basically, the shape of your muscles and its form, we may also add the way our muscles connect to the bone and joints. You can grow or lose your muscles, but their shape is something what remains unchangeable. 

Myostatin levels

Myostatin is the protein which prevents our muscles to grow non-stop. The amount of this protein builds by the MSTN gene and controls our muscle growth in conjunction with the IGF-1 growth hormone. 

Nasser El Sonbaty said that the genetic is your body’s ability to process colossal amount of substances. Unfortunately, his genetics did not show its best, but the words remain true. It all sounds fatal in the hood, but how we can deal with that? Is genetic our only ticket to success? 

Clouds block the sun, but the life goes on, especially if we consider a fact that most of us are the average. It means that 90-95% of us would provide regular performance.

None of us has the perfect genetics. Even professionals. Look at Larry Scott. His shape was ridiculous for bodybuilding, though he managed to win Mr. Olympia. 

We have to find our way to go with genetics. The main satellite is our awareness. It would be wise to focus on what works best for you, not others. 

Try not to overlook the importance of your mentality. At the end of the day genes is just genes and only hard work and dedication leads to the real success. 

Raymond F. Williams

Raymond F. Williams