The missing fundamentals of bodybuilding or any other activity

 The missing fundamentals of bodybuilding or any other activity

I find it practical to advert my awareness precepts from time to time. The human peculiarity to do things blindly in a programmable manner is vulgar, which in most cases relates to a simple ignorance, often followed by inappropriate training programs, pledging you quickest possible results. An inability to maintain the thought turns your established habits against you. When you reach a certain level, the counter resets. Your engine works by itself and slowing you down from going to the next level. Thereafter you have to cook a new portion of will and push it further.

Harmful goal commitment

Ok, practice makes perfect but let’s assume that you have ingrained it and threw yourself to the burdensome ladder of success. However, at the end of the ladder, you suddenly spot that the last step houses a bear trap. Here we have a typical reaction. Our limbic system instantly imposes the sneaking command “by all means” to the destination. In a second you find yourself caught, bleeding, and incapable of going on. This situation compels to step back and recover, kills your motivation and in worst scenario your resumption. (I faced these occurrences). Let’s figure out what just happened in the previous example. The limbic system which is a much powerful mechanism of our auto-actions, brought to us by millions of evolution years, suppressed the inner voice which was telling us to make a pit-stop and decrease intensity. I have intentionally exaggerated the example for the sake of straightforward explanation. This kind of occurrences happens with everyone. I saw it even with experienced trainees and veterans. This limbic beast is very tricky to tame. You caught it in one place and realized that it had just appeared in another. But let’s bring some little revolution in the field of our practice. Our tool is awareness, and our secret weapon is the adaptation.

Adaptation is treatment

It is the central principle here. The question what we have, and what should we do in our case is the main pillar here. We have to adapt to a condition of our mind, body and the circumstances. Realizing who you are, will determine your training schedule. Understanding your condition will determine your training intensity, and only after these two points, we have to realize our goals which will determine our training plan. Unfortunately, people tend to skip these first two crucial points in their mission. And it leads to undesirable effects, breakdowns and, in the worst scenario, leaving an activity.

Don’t throw logs to the abandoned campfire. On the other hand, it is absolutely useless to throw the paper into the fierce flame. And never throw plastic there, its evaporation may harm you.

Adapting means being constantly aware of the things going on in your life and training. If you got flue do not even think of going to the gym. If you got a simple cold though, a little of exercising with low intensity would help you to get better faster.

Watch out your energy levels

Be aware of your energy levels. It will give you the best planning decisions and get you to the next level much faster. Focusing on your energy level while deciding the reps count, the variety and quantity of exercises will result in your optimal intensity and thus better gain. The key word, again, is your. If you feel wasted, staggering with the suddenly emerged dizziness, do not force yourself to complete your recently purchased superman butt course. Otherwise, this plan may turn to shit in your pants and thus losing motivation again.

Non-linear Periodization

There’s a quite popular principle among trainers which refers to linear periodization. Basically, this refers to the direct path from low intensity/high volume to the high intensity/low volume. Considering this tried-and-true principle, it is no surprise, bringing results. Though, we tend to improve and find new ways, modernize existing methods or debunk them. The recent studies showed the advantage of non-linear periodization principle. It allows you to choose intensity based on your energy levels. The survey of McNamara JM, Stearne DJ. confirmed that the non-linear periodization group showed more gain compare to linear periodization group. Both groups had the same volumes, except for the NP group was able to choose their intensity days based on how they feel, and the LP group’s training was sequenced.

So my point here is to make you try paying more attention to your inner voice and body signals. These are your best guides which were unfairly placed on the back shelves. Only this approach will guarantee you what so called optimal performance. Check out our related articles to improve your “listening” skills.

Raymond F. Williams

Raymond F. Williams